The Best Dog Pools of 2020 – Comprehensive Guide

dog poolHumans aren’t the only ones who need to cool off whenever the sun decides to be extra hot for the day. Just like us, dogs can feel the heat and warm weather. And since it’s dangerous for them to overheat, the best thing to do is make sure they have access to water. Buying the perfectly-sized dog pool for your best friend is a wise choice.

With a dog pool on your property, you eliminate the risk of your dog overheating. Plus, he or she is going to enjoy splashing and swimming in his own pool. As guards that keep as safe and pets that can be called family, they deserve a cool treat from their owners.

Cool Pup Splash About Dog Pool
Cool Pup Splash About Dog Pool ZW3188 11 92
15 x 12 x 8.3 inches
13.6 pounds

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Viment Foldable Pet Swimming Pool
Viment Foldable Pet Swimming Pool Bathing Tub
7.9 x 6.3 inches
2.9 pounds
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Frontpet Foldable Large Dog Pet Pool
Frontpet Foldable Large Dog Pet Pool Bathing Tub (50 Inch X 11.8 Inch)
50 x 50 x 11.8 inches
10.7 pounds
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The Best Dog Pools of 2020 Reviewed

I know you’re decided now and you’re probably thinking, “Okay, great. So what is the best dog pool then?” And because we’re awesome, we’ll present you dog pool reviews and even tips before buying. Let this guide show the way to the dog pool you’ve been looking for.

#1 Cool Pup ZW3188 11 92 – Our Top Pick

Cool Pup Splash About Dog Pool ZW3188 11 92With a diameter of 63 inches and height of 11.8 inches, this dog pool can hold up to 119.25 gallons of water and is portable and durable. You’d love how easy it is to fill with water; even emptying won’t be a hassle. It’s the perfect gift for your dog to enjoy.

Whether you place it in the backyard, on decks or patios, your dog will love diving into the refreshing water it offers. Because of its extra-tough PVC, this pool can stand the test of time. It’s easy to store, too, thanks to its foldable feature. Packing it up for winter or a long vacation trip somewhere else would be nothing but a breeze. This is probably why it’s also known as the best dog pool for the money.

Customers said their dogs loved this pool. It can even fit three golden retrievers! They also appreciated the easy setup and the material at the bottom of the pool. On the other hand, one customer mentioned that there is a weak area where the sides and bottom join that they had to repair over and over with a plastic repair kit. Some also mentioned it’s expensively priced at $99.

Nonetheless, it’s still the best dog pool on the market. It may be a little pricey, but the size and quality will surely be worth every penny you’ve spent. Plus, you get to see your pet having fun. That’s definitely a bonus for dog owners.

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#2 Frontpet Foldable Dog Pet Pool

Frontpet Foldable Large Dog Pet Pool Bathing Tub (50 Inch X 11.8 Inch)This dog pool is worthy to be on this list thanks to its less than $60 price and durability. With your money, you can get extra-tough PVC material, ease of use, entertainment, and portability for your dog pool.

The Frontpet Foldable Dog Pet Pool is built to last. It’s ideal for your dog who loves playing outside the house. Filling the pool with water is a piece of cake. Opening the sealed drain to empty the pool will be likewise. It’s easy to store and transport because it can fold up. That means you can bring it anywhere with your dog. Frontpet recommends you to place a tarp beneath it for added protection.

Customers lauded the easy setup (no inflation needed), the size, and durability of this one. Most of the customers were satisfied with how it held water properly. They even said they’d recommend it to others. Despite all that, a few customers still complained about the very thin bottom of the pool that punctures easily. Some even said it only lasted for a week.

After weighing the positive and negative feedback, it’s safe to say that most of its customers were pleased with the Frontpet Foldable Dog Pet Pool. And you can join their growing number anytime.

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#3 Viment Foldable Pet Swimming Pool – Best For The Money

Viment Foldable Pet Swimming Pool Bathing TubLooking for the best budget buy? You’ve found it! This dog pool priced less than $33 has a diameter of 32 inches and height of eight inches. It’s made of durable PVC material, easy to store, and large!
Obviously, this cheap pool is not cheap in quality. It’s dependable and foldable—making it easy to use, store, transport, and travel with. The Viment Foldable Pet Swimming Pool doesn’t require any inflation and has a built-in drainage plug that makes emptying uncomplicated. It can also be used as a dog bathtub, an outdoor water pond, or as a fish pond. It’s one of the coolest gifts you can ever buy for your dog.

Customers who reviewed this item on Amazon mentioned that it was so easy to assemble and take down. They recommend it for anyone who owns small-medium-sized dogs. But large dogs can also use the pool if they just want to sit instead of swim. They also mentioned that the pool holds up its shape even without water and the material is thick. However, one customer didn’t like the “deceitful picture”. He said the pool is smaller than it looks.

Well, based on its price, you shouldn’t really expect it to be huge. Still, if you have puppies that would fit in this pool, it’s a great investment. The quality is even unquestionable.

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Dog Pool Buying Guide

Here are the factors and tips you have to consider before buying a dog pool. Make sure you read this part of the guide to avoid regrets.

1. Price, Brand, and Package

  • Since dog pools are priced from $7 to $600, the first thing you’d want to do is to know how much you can spend for one and how much you’re willing to spend.
  • With a limited budget, you may have the advantage of having fewer choices, thus making the selection process faster and easier, but the disadvantage of not being able to buy a large pool especially if you have a huge dog.
  • With an unlimited budget, of course, the options may be too overwhelming but the chances of picking one high-quality dog pool would be high.
  • Prices of dog pools, like any other pool or tub, depend on the quality, size, features, and brand.
  • The best brands in the industry are Ethical Products, Frontpet, Guardian Gear Splash, One Dog, One Bone, and Viment.
  • If you want to be sure of the quality and performance, I recommend you purchase from these brands.
  • Parts and accessories for known brands will also be easier to find. The various choices of their pools will also allow you to select the pool that suits your dog.

2. Type of the Pool

  • Dog pools can either be inflatable, foldable, or one-piece.
  • Inflatable pools are recommended for small dogs and for occasional use. This is because they can easily be scratched by your dog’s sharp nails. Even a tiny hole could ruin them. The inflating job can also be taxing and annoying after a few times. On the bright side, they can save a lot of space when they are not in use.
  • Foldable dog pools, on the other hand, are more dependable than inflatable ones. They are stronger and can last for more than one season. However, the material used to make a foldable pool can also affect its quality.
  • Lastly, one-piece dog pools are stronger than the first two. However, since they are made of hard, thick plastic, they can’t be folded or shrunk when they are not in use.
  • No matter what type of dog pool you choose, make sure that it’s the right size and the quality isn’t cheap, especially if you want it to last for more than two summers.

3. Size of the Pool

  • You wouldn’t want a pool that looks large in the picture but can only fit your dog’s head when
  • The first reasonable thing to do is to determine how big or small your dog is. Don’t estimate on your own. Measure your dog.
  • Second, you should also consider how many will be using it. If you have a puppy and you want the pool to last till he or she grows big, then you might as well get a bigger one—it’ll save you time and money.
  • Third, you should research the dimensions of the pool before buying it. Check the measurements of your dog again and make sure it can fit in the pool.
  • Fourth, check if the pool can fit in the available space you have on your property. It’s better if you place the pool outside so when your dog decides to jump out of the pool, it won’t make a mess inside the house.
  • Don’t forget to check the depth of the pool as well and the gallons of water it can hold.
  • Here’s another tip: If you think your dog will just be sitting in the pool, in case it had one before and it didn’t really play in the pool, then you won’t need a pool that fits his exact measurements. A smaller one will do.

4. Material

  • Dog pools are usually made of plastic.
  • The most common material used is PVC. This is the most reliable material for a foldable or an inflatable pool.
  • Truck Bedliner materials, on the other hand, are great for one-piece dog pools.
  • If your dog is zestful and loves to play, you should check the material used. In some cases, a pool may last a season for other dogs but it may not even last a week for some.
  • Remember that to be able to make a wise investment, you should not settle on the cheapest pool available. The best ones aren’t always cheap. Just make sure that the material is sturdy enough to handle the energy of your dog.

5. Appearance

  • The appearance may not be a big of a deal for your dog, but it would be a great addition to your property if it looks beautiful especially if visitors usually come over.
  • Plus, there are also different shapes available on the market so you can choose the cutest one especially if you have a Chihuahua, a Maltese, a Pug, or a Pomeranian.


Dog pools are fun and highly recommended during summer. However, they are some precautions you have to take when using one, primarily if your dog is small or aren’t used to dipping itself in water. Remember that if they are going to swim in the pool, you should also supervise them. Treat them like your own human child. But most dog pools aren’t really huge for swimming, they’re only for getting in, lying down, and cooling off while seated.

Also, consider how the dog pool can be kept especially during winter or when going on a long trip. It’s best to ponder over how frequent you’ll use it since it might annoy you if the setting up and draining of the pool takes too much time.

Bear in mind that you have to keep the pool clean at all costs. Don’t allow bacteria to build-up since this may cause illness in warm weather. Examine the water at least twice a week and make sure it doesn’t smell or grow algae. If your dog is using it every day, it’s best to change the water often as well.

There are so many dog pools on the market today and it may be a little confusing on your part especially if you don’t know where to start. I hope that this guide served you well. One more thing, don’t forget to check the reviews of the dog pool you have in mind before you buy it.

Happy pool shopping!