Best Pool Basketball Hoops 2020 – Comprehensive Guide

waterbasketball with a pool hoopCan’t seem to find the best game for your pool during summer? Then it’s time for you to check out basketball hoops for pools.

If you’re wondering, “What is a pool basketball hoop?” allow me to answer that for you right now. It’s a plastic piece of equipment made to look like a genuine basketball hoop and net that you can find in a real court. These pool hoops are designed for basketball or simply shooting in the water. They are usually collapsible and are easy to carry thanks to their light weight.

Why should you have one? Simple. It has several health benefits for you and your kids. It involves running and rapid swimming, which are great cardio activities. Plus, you can improve your hand-eye coordination in this game.

Dunnrite Splash and Shoot
Dunnrite Splash and Shoot
46.2 pounds
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Lifetime 1306 Pool Side Height Adjustable Portable
Lifetime 1306 Pool Side Height Adjustable Portable
44 x 44 x 8 in
52.2 pounds
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Swimline Giant Shootball Inflatable 90285
Swimline Giant Shootball Inflatable 90285
36 x 45 x 36 in
4.8 pounds


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Swimline 9195M Super-Wide 44"
Swimline 9195M Super-Wide 44"
43 x 11 x 30 inches
45.2 pounds
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SwimWays Hydro Spring Basketball
SwimWays Hydro Spring Basketball
11.3 x 10.5 x 3 inches
1.1 pounds
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Top Pool Basketball Hoops Reviewed

I’m sure now you’re asking, “All right. So what is the best pool basketball hoop?” Don’t worry, we’ll answer that in a bit. This guide will help you find the ideal one for you and your family by presenting you pool basketball hoop reviews. So, let’s get started!

#1 Dunnrite Splash and Shoot

Dunnrite Splash and ShootThis 43-inch x 28.5-inch polyurethane basketball backboard by Dunnrite is the best pool basketball hoop on the market. It’s known for its white all-weather net and Vinyl coated steel basketball rim that’s durable and dependable. Its 2 3/8-inch round, aluminum powder-coated pole is also heavy duty.
The base can hold 25 gallons of water and weighs 200 lbs. when filled. You’ll even love the telescoping pole that permits you to adjust the height of the hoop up to 56 inches above the swimming pool deck in infinite increments! Truly, it’s the best pool basketball hoop for the money. If you’re looking for a solid basketball hoop for your pool, then you have found it. It’s easy to put together, perfect for kids, teenagers, and even grownups!
However, it may have some disadvantages. For one, once you tighten the flanged and serrated nuts to the plastic locking block they are very difficult to loosen without damaging the plastic locking block. This is according to a customer. Another customer complained about the rim rusting after two months despite not having a saltwater pool.

Nonetheless, it’s a well-constructed basketball system and it’s definitely going to bring pool basketball to a new level. Not to mention it has a one-year manufacturer warranty to back you up.

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#2 Lifetime 1306 Pool Side Height Adjustable Portable

Lifetime 1306 Pool Side Height Adjustable PortableThis 44 x 44 x 8 inches basketball system is the new definition of superior strength and durability. And that’s because of its 44” shatterproof fusion backboard made of high-density polyethylene that allows intense basketball and shooting. In addition, it’s also all-weather resistant so even the harshest elements cannot hinder its exceptional performance.

The 2-piece, 3-inch telescoping pole of the Lifetime 1306 adjusts from 4 ½ to 7 feet tall, which makes it ideal for teenagers and grownups. The base, which can hold 27 gallons of water, provides stability and portability. It can also be filled with sand. Another great thing about this model is its 5-year limited manufacturer warranty. You can really tell that Lifetime is confident about the quality of this product.

Despite all that, some customers were able to use it for only three years. The setting up is also difficult for two people and the instructions are poor according to some. However, if you’re willing to follow through the end, it’s absolutely a wise purchase. It’s so solid kids and teenagers can hang and dunk on the rim. If you want to have hours of basketball fun in the pool, then the Lifetime 1306 is a great choice.

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#3 Swimline Giant Shootball Inflatable 90285

Swimline Giant Shootball Inflatable 90285The third one on our list is Swimline’s pool toy that’s 45 inches tall and 36 inches wide. It’s the best basketball floating hoop on the market. That’s because it’s sturdy, fun, attractive, has multi ports for multiple shooters, and comes with a ball. Others even use this as one mega float since it can hold 5-6 kids at one time!

Your kids will also appreciate the basketball that comes with it—it bounces well and is made of quality material. You can also leave it inflated since inflating and deflating over and over again is a little tiring because of its size. It’s a flexible basketball system. Anyone can shoot from any side—teenagers and adults can shoot from the top and the little children can shoot into the sides as well. It’s a family basketball system—just the one you’ve been looking for. Another great thing about it is its price.

The downside of having this, however, is that it may develop a leak even after second use. Some were also delivered to customers with a hole already. Also, it may not be recommended in a pool full of energetic, teenage boys who love rough basketball gaming. Other than that, it’s still a wise buy for its price.

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#4 Swimline 9195M Super-Wide 44″

Swimline 9195M Super-Wide 44"The Cool Jam basketball system is a commercial quality, multi-height adjustable poolside basketball system that’s guaranteed to make you enjoy swimming to the point that you may not even keep track of time anymore. Thanks to its super-wide molded hard body backboard that’s 44 inches wide and 32 inches tall, this basketball system will certainly be enjoyed by kids, teenagers, and adults.

It also comes with a game ball, metal hoop, and heavy duty net that allows you to play real basketball as if you’re in a basketball arena. You can easily dunk with this one even if you’re six inches tall! And if you’re getting lazy about keeping it, you can leave it outdoors all throughout winter and it will still perform well. Adjusting the height is no sweat, too.

However, some customers said the bolts started rusting within a month. If you want to avoid rust build up, you can spray the metal with Rustoleum while you’re assembling it. There are also complaints about the poor customer service of the company.

All in all, this sturdy pool basketball hoop is an awesome addition to your pool and a great way to exercise and get the gang together for a friendly, fun, healthy competition.

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#5 SwimWays Hydro Spring Basketball

SwimWays Hydro Spring BasketballThis budget buy has dimensions of 24.4 inches L, 24.4 inches W, and 20.47 inches H. It’s attractive thanks to its fabric covering with a cool pattern that adds durability. Its sewn-in spring at the base of the net also adds stability to the goal in the water.

You’ll also love how it folds flat and compact making it portable and quick to store when it’s not in use. The basketball included also has a textured grip to make ball handling easier. The plastic ring around the bottom stabilizes it so it can always stay upright the way it should. It’s one durable basketball system—unlike the cheap ones you can find at your local mall.

Because of its quality, it won’t tip over in water and instead, you’ll get uninterrupted games. Plus, its material allows it to last for more than one summer. It’s easy to inflate and the net also has a great quality. You won’t find a better one priced this cheap. One customer, however, complained about it lasting only for two days. Nonetheless, its durability is tested and proved by 50 other customers, so you be the judge.

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Pool Basketball Hoop Buying Guide

Are you certain you’re ready to buy? Be 100% sure by reading the factors to consider before purchasing the best pool basketball hoop that will suit your entertainment needs.

1. Price and Brand

  • The prices of pool basketball hoops range from $7 to $4,000.
  • If you’re so concerned with the money you’re willing to spend, then that won’t be much of a problem since there are cheap ones on the market. However, you may not be able to get the high-end ones.
  • If your bank account is full and money isn’t a big deal, then the choices are almost unlimited.
  • Your budget will always be a significant factor. You should determine this first before buying. Even if you have so much money to burn, you still have to be a wise investor.
  • Floating inflatable hoops are the cheapest ones. They usually cost $7 to $50 and can be easily brought along for travels and long trips to the beach.
  • Get the best ones from the best brands which are Coop, Dunnrite, Intex, Lifetime, and Swimline.

2. Type of the Pool

  • Pool basketball hoops can either be floating, affixed or poolside, or adjustable.
  • Just as the name goes, floating hoops are “floating”—they aren’t attached to the side of your pool.
  • They float in the middle of the swimming pool so that the swimmers or players can attack it from all sides.
  • Usually, they are small and inflatable. They may also come with a small platform underneath the hoop so it could catch the ball once you score.
  • These types of hoops are tailored to be good-looking and often come with their own inflatable basketballs that match the color scheme of the whole basketball hoop set.
  • Affixed or poolside hoops, on the other hand, are like blacktop counterparts. They come with stands, backboards, and nets similar to the ones we see on a real basketball court.
  • They make you take the pool basketball game seriously.
  • Unlike with the floating hoop, you only have one area to aim your goals.
  • These types of hoops range from two to four feet tall and are definitely heavier than floating ones.
  • Adjustable hoops are similar to the second type. It can actually be considered under the category of an affixed pool basketball hoop.
  • Perfect for all ages, an adjustable hoop allows you to increase or decrease the level of difficulty for each game.
  • They can be adjusted from 24 to 44 inches tall and provide your kids easy-difficult level pool basketball games.

3. Size of the Pool Basketball Hoop

  • Mosthoops can be used by children and adults.
  • You should be able to determine the dimensions of the hoop especially if you think the majority of your players will be kids. That way you’ll know if you will be needing a big or a small one.
  • Also, mind the age of the kids who’ll be using them. It’s always wise to consider if the hoop can bring a little challenge instead of giving an easy game for your kids or to you as a parent.
  • If you’re not tight on budget, you can also get the full-size version that allows you to adjust the height. It will be more flexible regardless of the age and physical attributes of the players.
  • Floating hoops are generally 2 to 3 feet above the surface of the water. Affixed hoops are usually 4 to 7 feet high.
  • There are also different rim diameters for different basketball sizes.

4. Material

  • Your pool basketball hoop shouldn’t just fit your budget; it should also be durable.
  • Durability should always be taken into consideration especially if you’re going to buy online.
  • The sturdiest basketball hoops are made of high-impact plastic or polyethylene. Because they are weather resistant, they can stand the test of time and provide a longer period of entertainment and excellent performance.
  • If you choose a durable basketball hoop, you can enjoy it for more than a season.
  • After all, you’d want to invest in a dependable one.
  • You shouldn’t worry much about the net since they really wear out in time and they can be easily replaced.
  • Make sure the hoop is made of metal, whether it’s aluminum alloy or not.
  • Getting a hoop made of plastic may be disappointing in the long run but if you’re on a tight budget and you’re only going to use the pool basketball hoop temporarily or for one summer only, then it’s fine.
  • Also, if your kids will mostly hang on the rim of the hoop, make sure the backboard of the pool you’re checking out is strong enough to hold their weight.

5. Setup and Portability

  • Most of the time, pool basketball hoops don’t need you to exert much effort. That is, of course, if you look for models that can be set up in less than an hour.
  • A portable one would be beneficial since you can bring them with you if you’re planning on going somewhere far for summer.
  • If your model is made of polyethylene, then that’s good for you. That means your hoop is light enough to be carried around with ease.
  • However, you have to remember that the portability and flexibility of the hoop will depend on your personal taste and the pool you’re going to use it with.


Basketball is one of the most loved and entertaining games whether you’re in a real court or not. On the other hand, swimming is another fun activity that almost everyone can enjoy. Add these two together and you can forget the scorching heat of the sun and the previously boring hours that may even be full of sweating.
Buying a pool basketball hoop may not be an easy task. Just remember that if you don’t personally own a pool and you just go to public beaches or to a friend’s pool, and inflatable model is the one you should get. However, even if you own a pool, an inflatable basketball pool will also be all right.

Make sure you read reviews about the product you have in mind. Check if it fits your budget and the size of your pool. The number of people who’ll be using it and the age requirement or limit should also be considered.

There have been so many models for the past years and most of them are of premium quality and are flexible. Choosing may be overwhelming but with proper knowledge and guidance, you can find the best one for your pool.

I hope I’ve helped you come up with a decision. Enjoy shopping!