Best Solar Pool Cover Brands

solar pool cover

I’m sure you are longing to know which brands are the best ones today, especially because the number of brands continues to increase and their claims to be the “Number 1” can sometimes be doubtful. Don’t worry, I’ve listed the top 6 solar pool cover brands for you. These brands offer quality and affordable solar pool covers you can use for a long time. Note that they are in alphabetical order.

1. Blue Wave – Blue Wave aims to exceed the expectations of their customers in every way. They started out over 10 years ago and still it’s no miracle why their name is widely known as if they’ve existed for decades already. They’re known for their variety of pool equipment, spas, and saunas. Their Magni-Clear Solar blankets are also recognized together with their other in-ground solar pool covers. Blue Wave also offers games such as shuffleboard tables, pool tables, basketball, and a lot more. They also pride themselves on their excellent customer service.

2. In the Swim – Founded in 1982, this company began by shipping chlorine with a vision that the act could be something big. They continue to satisfy their customers by being dedicated to offering quality products at the best possible prices. Aside from their pool covers like their solar blankets and liquid pool covers,In the Swim also offers pools; pool chemicals;pool equipment such as cleaners, pumps, and heaters; pool accessories like slides and diving boards; pool liners; and toys and floats.

3. Intex – This company is probably the most popular in the pool industry. Their name is not new. They offer spas and pools and other products with premium quality and reasonable prices. Their exceptional customer service is also something praiseworthy. Every product from Intex seems to be the standard of that product. It’s no wonder they have so many positive reviewers. Because of their wide variety of price ranges, customers can choose the best product for their pool. Needless to say, their outstanding performance is too good to be true.

4. Solar Factory Pool Products, Inc. – This brand, better known as Solar Roller, has taken pool covering to the next level. They exist to make a difference in the fight for water conservation by selling to owners of backyard swimming pools a highly useful device called the Free-Floating Solar Roller ® Pool Cover Remover. They provide the correct information to their customers through their website regarding the proper care for pools. Their solar covers are even highly rated on Amazon.

5. Solar Sun Rings – This companyoffers the best solar rings your pool can ever have. They are durable and most especially, they are trusted by customers because of thename they’ve built up. They also provide information regarding solar rings and are good at explaining what your pool needs. They have offices in Canada, Mexico, Africa, Central America, Austria, and more.

6. Splash Pools – Operating since the 1970s, this company still continues to serve their customers and meet their unique demands, regardless of the pool’s size or use. Splash Pools are known for their commercial pools, but they also offer above ground pools, in-ground pools, tubs, and pool accessories.

Now that was a presentation of the top brands in the solar pool cover industry. If you’re interested to see a comprehensive solar pool cover buying guide, then check out our solar pool cover reviews.