Bestway 12752 Steel Pro Frame Review


Bestway 12752 Steel Pro Frame Pool

This lightweight pool is from one of the best pool brands—Bestway. They’re known not only for their above ground pools but also for their airbeds and furniture. The Bestway 12752 is the best choice if you have a tight budget, specifically if you have about $580 to spend for a pool. But don’t underestimate the power and the fun this pool can offer just because of its price tag. This pool has so much to offer and we’ll discuss that in a bit. First, you should know that this is pool can be easily assembled.

To set this pool up, follow these steps:
1. Lay out the lining on the ground you prepared.
2. Insert the steel tubes that will hold the pool’s shape
3. Fill the pool with water.

Now that you know how to assemble this, the second thing to do is to take a look at the specifications, features, pros, cons, and the customers’ feedback regarding the Bestway Steel Pro Frame

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Product Dimensions15 ft. x 48 in.
Capacity4,231 gallons
Item Weight90.7 pounds
Shipping Weight100 pounds
ManufacturerBestway L&G
Item Model Number12752
Customer Reviews (Amazon)3.6 out of 5 stars


The Bestway 12752 features rust-resistant, steel frames. They are locked together with ease using T-connectors and C-clips. The heavy duty, PVC, and polyester 3-ply wall, on the other hand, are held in place by the frames. You don’t have to think about the T-connectors and C-clips showing because the PVC flaps hide them. This prevents rust and injury from occurring.In addition, this pool also highlights the 3-ply band that adds support to the walls. Lastly, Bestway made sure that their customers can count on the flow control drain valve for easy draining.This will help your pool maintain its cleanliness.

Why Should You Buy the Bestway 12752?

Bestway is committed to making quality, innovative products for people from all walks of life. In case you don’t know, their pools use a lining that’s 3-ply, with the middle layer made of polyester mesh being sandwiched by two layers of heavy gauge PVC. Thanks to this, the pool liner can resist tearing.Aside from this pool coming from awell-known brand, it’s also environment-friendly. You won’t experience any leak from this durable pool, too. Plus, it’s made to withstand elements so it will surely last throughout a number of seasons.

• Extremely affordable
• Durable
• Easy to assemble
• Great deal for the money
• Lightweight
• Cheap alternative for an in-ground pool

• Does not come with a pump, a ladder, or a maintenance kit
• Some customers needed to modify the holes so that their existing pump would work on it.

What Are Customers Saying About It?

The Good:
• Customers were impressed by the quality of the pool.
• They also appreciated how great it holds up.
• It arrived with complete parts.
• They also remarked how easy it was to set up—one person could do it but two would make the task faster.
• A satisfied customer said, “The size is good for floating and relaxing from the heat.”
• They also said the price is good and they were not disappointed by its performance.
• Customers also mentioned that it exceeded their expectations.
• Other customers also loved how the lining has a light color that really makes the water sparkle.

The Bad:
• A customer mentioned, “The inlet and outlet openings don’t seem to be well reinforced; the filter hoses seem to drag on them.”
• They need better directions with regards to filter pumps available for use.
• They were disappointed because there were no pool accessories included at all.


You won’t simply throw away your money with this one. Most customers are satisfied with it though there are still a few who don’t seem to be satisfied with it. Rest assured, if you need repairs or if it comes to the point where you can’t use the pool anymore, Bestway will take it back to replace it. If you need more information after reading this review, I suggest that you check the reviews of the best above ground pools.