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Pools 101: How to Clear Cloudy Pool Water

Cloudy pool water

We all know maintaining your pool can be difficult especially if you own a big one. But after all the partying, eating, and swimming, you’ll have to face a process so crucial yet so taxing—cleanup. Have you ever reached to the point where you can barely see the floor of the pool? Then you notice […]

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How To Use a Pool Cleaner Like a Pro

By now, you’ve probably already considered owning a pool cleaner that’s automatic. Congratulations for being wise! You’re wise because you know that having an automatic pool cleaner is convenient. They don’t require babysitting and they clean efficiently. Pool cleaners are purposed to move around the base of your pool while it’s connected to your pool […]

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How to Maintain a Swimming Pool

Keeping your pool clean and safe should always be your priority as a pool owner. In order to maintain it properly, follow the steps below. Remove debris. Skim the surface of your pool while debris is floating. Once they sink, they will be harder to get rid of. Skimming with the use of a skimmer […]

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How Long is an Olympic Swimming Pool?

Swimming has been part of the Olympics since 1896, with the 100-meter and 1,500-meter freestyle contests being conducted in open water. Backstrokes, butterflies, breaststrokes, and relays were then implemented together with the indoor pool. However, pools must be constructed following very specific measurements and lane features in order to be used by an Olympic swimmer. […]

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How Automatic Pool Cleaners Work

Just like the human body, a pool needs cleaning as well. It may not need washing as often as we need, but it’s paramount to keep the pool clean in case we have that unpredicted urge to jump in or push someone else into the pool for good times. “Cleaning is exhausting,” you say? That […]

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Overview of Automatic Pool Cleaner Brands

Have you ever had trouble deciding what brands you should trust or which brands are popular? There are bazillions of choices to choose from and sometimes you just have to know which manufacturers can give you the best products that will suit your needs. This is one of those times. That is why I’ll give […]

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