Top 5 Inflatable Hot Tub Brands

inflatable hot tub

If you want to experience luxurious, top-notch relaxation from a hot tub, the only reasonable thing to do is to purchase one from the best brands in the industry. Don’t settle for cheap ones unless you’re planning to use the hot tub twice or thrice only. Don’t compromise on the quality if you can get more features with the best performance from an affordable, trustworthy hot tub. To help you choose the perfect inflatable hot tub that will suit your needs, I’ve listed the best brands below. Note that they are in alphabetical order.

1. Bestway – With major branch offices in Phoenix Arizona, Milan, Italy, Santiago, Chile, Sydney, Australia, and Hong Kong, Bestway has been in the business for more than 20 years. They are recognized for the inflatable leisure and water sports products they provide. From paddle boards, spas, hot tubs, above-ground pools, to airbeds, and furniture, the quality of Bestway products is always considered to be the best. They are also loved by their customers because of their safe products that are tested and certified by European and American electronics standards like the GS of Germany. Bestway is also in partnership with the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), Disney, Mattel, Realtree, Diamondbacks, and SUP Garda, which is a strong evidence of their laudable reputation.

2. Coleman – Coleman, which exists for over 110 years already, deserves to be on this list because their products are engineered to perfection. They have a variety of spas from Rotomold, Garden, Heritage, Signature, to Swim spas. Their tubs are durable and unique as well. Because they’re USA-made, you can be sure of the quality of their spas.Customer satisfaction is one of the goals of Coleman. They are also known for their great customer service and support.

3. Intex – Serving the customers for over 40 years already, Intex offers a variety of high-quality products from inflatable hot tubs, above-ground pools, floats, spas, sporting goods, and pumps.They are widely known for their affordable products and the plethora of choices and designs they offer for their pools. Their products are also highly rated on Amazon. Getting a pool or a tub from Intex is definitely a wise decision and a wise investment.

4. Lay-Z-Spa – Lay-Zinflatable hot tubs is one of the bestsellinghot tub brands. This brand under Bestway features high-quality, dependable inflatable construction. They’re recognized for theeasy setup of their spas and for the portability they offer. Whether you want them outdoors, in the garden, on decking or a patio, Lay-Z-Spas would still perform exceptionally. Plus, their products can also fit any budget you have in mind.

5. M Spa–ORPC is the parent company of M Spa. Their tagline, “Live the Water Life”, shows just how much they care about your encounter with water. ORPC has been making inflatable and recreational water products since 1991 and they are noted for their elite spa, premium bubble spa, hydro-jet spa, LITE bubble spa, and portable spa. They aim to give their customers water that sparkle.

There are other brands as well but if you want a hot tub that comes from a trusted brand and is guaranteed to last long, then I suggest you consider spending your money wisely with these brands. Inflatable hot tubs are simply a must-have for most families. If you’re on the look for one, we suggest that you check our comprehensive, inflatable hot tub buying guide.