How To Use a Pool Cleaner Like a Pro

By now, you’ve probably already considered owning a pool cleaner that’s automatic. Congratulations for being wise! You’re wise because you know that having an automatic pool cleaner is convenient. They don’t require babysitting and they clean efficiently.

Pool cleaners are purposed to move around the base of your pool while it’s connected to your pool skimmer, while your pool put creates suction to the cleaner as it ensures that all debris and dirt is devoured. However, to maximize the use of your automatic pool cleaner, you should be able to install it out and out. You may know how to clean a swimming pool manually, but if you’re a first-time user of an automatic pool cleaner, I suggest you read on and follow the instructions carefully to avoid breaking your new automatic pool cleaner. Even if it’s not your first time, I’m still encouraging you to run your eyes over these instructions to know if you’re using your pool cleaner right.

The first thing to do is to remove the skimmer basket from the skimmer unit and clean it thoroughly by removing any debris or dirt in the basket. Second, connect each hose piece until the hose is long enough to reach your whole pool area. Then, connect the end of the hose to the head of your automatic pool cleaner. Fourth, submerge the pool cleaner head into the water. Turn the pool pump on and allow water to flow through the pump. After which, grab the open end of the hose and put it up to a return jet valve. Allow the cleaner hose to fill with water. This will cleanse all air from the hose and ensure proper suction. Then, turn the pool pump off.

Be patient. You’re almost done! The next thing you should do is connect the open end of the hose to the pool skimmer. Let the hose fit into the bottom of the skimmer and make sure that the head of your pool cleaner stays submerged in the water at all costs. Turn the pool pump on to begin the filtration system. Lastly, leave the automatic pool cleaner to do its job effectively.

Owning a pool cleaner will require less effort from your end. Setting it up will last about 5-10 minutes based on the brand since some products require pre-installation. The time it takes up to clean your pool will depend on the size of your pool. It usually takes only an hour up to three hours to cleanse your entire pool from debris, dirt, leaves, and algae.

Knowing how an automatic pool cleaner works will also give you a better understanding of how it efficiently cleans your pool independently.

Bear in mind that robotic pool cleaners need to stay submerged in the water for at least 20 minutes after its cleaning cycle to allow them to cool off. To be completed safe, read the directions that come with your product. Also, clean your pool cleaner by using a screwdriver to open its back and removing unwanted visitors. We also have a guide for above-ground pool cleaners.